Xiaoling Xia

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Insects are a group of arthropods and the largest group of animals on Earth, with over one million species described to date. Like other life forms, insects suffer from viruses that cause disease and death. Viruses that are pathogenic to beneficial insects cause dramatic economic losses on agriculture. In contrast, viruses that are pathogenic to insect(More)
Dicer-2 is the central player for small interfering RNA biogenesis in the Drosophila RNA interference (RNAi) pathway. Intriguingly, we found that Dicer-2 has an unconventional RNAi-independent function that positively modulates Toll immune signaling, which defends against Gram-positive bacteria, fungi, and some viruses, in both cells and adult flies. The(More)
The Camellia is a 128-bit block cipher published by NTT and Mitsubishi in 2000. Since the research of differential fault analysis against Camellia was proposed, much work has been devoted to realizing a more efficient different fault analysis. It is a very strong analysis for ciphers when a single fault is injected into the last several rounds of encryption(More)
—The Substitution-Permutation Network (SPN) is a main type of structure in block ciphers. This paper proposes a new and practical differential fault attack technique on SPN structure. As an instance of SPN cipher, AES-256 can be recovered by 4 faulty ciphertexts. Compared with the previous techniques, our work can recover all subkeys of an SPN cipher with(More)
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