Xiaoling Sheng

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A field sampling method based on magnetic core-shell silica nanoparticles was developed for field sampling and the enrichment of low concentrations of pesticides in aqueous samples. The magnetic nanoparticles could be easily extracted from water samples by a custom-made magnetic nanoparticle collector. The recovery of 15 mg of magnetic particles from a 500(More)
Aiming at the gearbox fault characteristic of wind turbine generator system, a new synthetical diagnosis method is put forward. In this method, the signal firstly is transformed using lifting wavelet, and the transformation result is analyzed by using FFT, FFT-FS zooming and envelope spectrum. At last, the vibration signals on an experiment platform are(More)
Natural wind is stochastic, being characterized by its speed and direction which change randomly and frequently. Because of the certain lag in control systems and the yaw body itself, wind turbines cannot be accurately aligned toward the wind direction when the wind speed and wind direction change frequently. Thus, wind turbines often suffer from a series(More)
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