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In this paper, we give some new generalized convexities with the tool–right upper-Dini-derivative which is an extension of directional derivative. Next, we establish not only Karush-Kuhn-Tucker necessary but also sufficient optimality conditions for mathematical programming involving new generalized convex functions. In the end, weak, strong and converse(More)
Grid computing provides a virtual framework for controlled sharing of resources across institutional boundaries. Recently, trust has been recognized as an important factor for scheduling in Grid. Trust is a complex subject relating to such as reliability, honesty, and competence of the trusted entity. Trust value computing becomes more difficult in Grid as(More)
In a random fuzzy information system, by introducing a fuzzy t-similarity relation on the objects set for a subset of attributes set, the approximate representations of knowledge are established. By discussing fuzzy belief measures and fuzzy plausibility measures defined by the lower approximation and the upper approximation in a random fuzzy approximation(More)
These years, network technique developed quickly. As an important part of the entire network, metropolitan area network, which is called MAN for short, becomes the focus of research gradually. DQDB protocol is a famous distributed communication protocol for MAN. As an IEEE protocol, DQDB has the characteristics of simpleness and easily implementation. But(More)
With the equivalent relationships between the G-generalized invexities and general invexities on the hand, we present two characterizations for G-preinvexity; we also discuss the relationships between different G-generalized invexities such as G-preinvexity, strict G-preinvexity and semistrict G-preinvexity. Note that our results are proved by applying the(More)