Xiaoling Huang

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This paper introduces a family of error-correcting codes called zigzag codes. A zigzag code is described by a highly structured zigzag graph. Due to the structural properties of the graph, very low-complexity soft-in/soft-out decoding rules can be implemented. We present a decoding rule, based on the Max-Log-APP (MLA) formulation, which requires a total of(More)
A novel image encryption algorithm making using of hyper-chaos and DNA sequence is presented here. A four-dimensional hyper-chaos system is used to generate the pseudo-random sequence, which is transformed into a biologic DNA sequence to diffuse the image blocks. A circular permutation is performed on the plain-image when it is in DNA status. Together with(More)
The process of transgenesis involves the introduction of a foreign gene, the transgene, into the genome of an animal. Gene transfer by pronuclear microinjection (PNI) is the predominant method used to produce transgenic animals. However, this technique does not always result in germline transgenic offspring and has a low success rate for livestock.(More)
Caper (Capparis spinosa L.) fruits have been used as food as well as folk medicine in the treatment of inflammatory disorders, such as rheumatism. The present study was carried out to study the anti-inflammatory activities of C. spinosa L. fruit (CSF) aqueous extract and to isolate main phytochemicals from its bioactive fractions. The CSF aqueous extract(More)
A new image encryption algorithm of double scrambling based on ASCII code of image matrix element is proposed in this paper. The new algorithm implements position scrambling and gray scrambling at the same time, and overcomes the shortcoming of traditional algorithm that single algorithm can only deal with position scrambling but not gray scrambling(More)
For conventional motor soft starter, the starting torque would be seriously decreased when reduce the starting voltage, so it is limited to light load, However, many overloading start-up is required in practical applications. According to the relationship between three-phase asynchronous motor electromagnetic torque and power frequency, when keeping the(More)
Cellulose is the main non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in plant cell walls and acts as anti-nutritional factor in animal feed. However, monogastric animals do not synthesize enzymes that cleave such plant structural polysaccharides and thus waste of resources and pollute the environment. We described the vectors construction and co-expressions of a(More)