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A multi-scale study on land use and land cover quality change: The case of the Yellow River Delta in China
This paper presents a case study of the Yellow River Delta in China, to trace land use and land cover changes during the past 20 years, with an emphasis on land quality changes. Three sets of data
Use of normalized difference bareness index in quickly mapping bare areas from TM/ETM+
The combination of NDBaI and NDSI was proved to be efficient to improve accuracy of classification and applied to map bare lands in Yellow River delta, China, showing an accuracy of 92.08%, which indicated that the combined method is efficient in automatically mapping bare lands reliably.
Potential of NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Imagery for Modeling the Regional Economy of China
This study demonstrates that the recently released NPP-VIIRS nighttime light imagery has a stronger capacity in modeling regional economy than those of the DMSP-OLS data.
An Assessment of the Biases of Satellite Rainfall Estimates over the Tibetan Plateau and Correction Methods Based on Topographic Analysis
Abstract The hydrological processes over the Tibetan Plateau have significant implications on regional macroscale atmospheric circulation patterns and the Asian monsoon system. Because of its remote
Human induced turbidity changes in Poyang Lake between 2000 and 2010: Observations from MODIS
[1] A robust retrieval algorithm to estimate concentrations of total suspended sediments (TSS) in Poyang Lake (the largest freshwater lake in China) was developed using Moderate Resolution Imaging
Dramatic inundation changes of China's two largest freshwater lakes linked to the Three Gorges Dam.
Remote sensing, meteorological, and hydrological observations are combined to investigate the potential influence of the Three Gorges Dam on the downstream freshwater lakes of China and appear to be linked to the TGD.