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With the Semantic Web[1]has been paid more and more attention, there are more and more related applications. For instance, Google has provided semantic retrieval functions, you can get the information of some famous people directly. RDF[2]database as the data storage tool of Semantic Web also gets many attentions. Now, there are some well-known RDF(More)
ZigBee is a wireless network protocol which is specifically designed for low-rate sensor and industrial control network. It is widely used in many fields including building automation network, building security system, industrial control networks, remote meter reading, PC peripherals, etc. This paper discusses the CC2420-based ZigBee wireless network(More)
In modern e-commerce, people usually use CA (Certificate Authority) to ensure the security of information and the reliability of both parties'identity. A CA system is usually composed with a CA and a number of RA registration centers. To address the network congestion caused by that too many users simultaneously access the RA (Register Authority), this(More)
Trusted Computing Group (TCG) presented Trusted Computing Specifications, which ensured the security of the platform and applications by measuring and verifying the integrity of the components. The boot process is the base of the operating system, thus implementing trusted boot is of great significance. However, the trusted boot process may be blocked(More)
In order to solve the data security, reliability problems of wireless communication in the ETC embedded data-communication system, this paper has analyzed the hardware structure which the system required, and paid an in-depth study on AES encryption algorithm that the hardware encryption engine applied. On this basis, the article has proposed the proposal(More)
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