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In undeveloped areas around the world, many traditional meters need to be upgraded. Compared with replacing the mounted meters with high-cost modern ones, it is a better choice to upgrade them with new technologies. In this paper, an automatic reading system of the traditional household meter is designed on the basis of image processing and advanced DSP(More)
A remote mobile health monitoring system with mobile phone and web service capabilities is proposed in this paper. It provides an end-to-end solution; specifically, (1) physiologic parameters, including respiration rate and heart rate, are measured by wearable sensors and recorded by a mobile phone which presents the graphical interface for the user to(More)
Keyboard is a major kind of input device for computer and intelligent device, especially those portable equipment. Aiming at more intelligent human-computer interaction, a virtual keyboard system is presented on the basis of laser and image processing. The virtual keyboard consists of infrared laser module, keyboard pattern projector, embedded system and a(More)
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