Xiaolin Meng

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MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, non-coding 21–25 nt RNA molecules that play an important role in regulating gene expression. Little is known about the expression profiles and functions of miRNAs in skin and their role in pigmentation. Alpacas have more than 22 natural coat colors, more than any other fiber producing species. To better understand the role of(More)
The present study was conducted to elucidate the effects of copper exposure on the immune system and lipid metabolism of the Japanese scallop, Mizuhopecten yessoensis. Transcriptional levels of differentially expressed genes (DEGs)in M. yessoensis digestive gland tissue were analyzed using the deep-sequencing platform Illumina HiSeq™ 2000. In total, 841 and(More)
Because of the high calculation cost and poor performance of a traditional planar map when dealing with complicated indoor geographic information, a WiFi fingerprint indoor positioning system cannot be widely employed on a smartphone platform. By making full use of the hardware sensors embedded in the smartphone, this study proposes an integrated approach(More)
The bivalve Mizuhopecten yessoensis has been greatly impacted by marine pollutants in northern China. To elucidate the toxicological mechanism of copper exposure on the immune system, we investigated differentially expressed genes (DEGs) and transcript abundance in M. yessoensis gill tissue using the deep-sequencing platform Illumina HiSeq™ 2000. In total,(More)
Peptides derived from shrimp hemocyanin have antimicrobial properties. This is the first report of hemocyanin cDNA (FCHc) cloned from Fenneropenaeus chinensis and recombinant expression of two C-terminal fragments. Based on sequence analysis of Fenneropenaeus chinensis hemocyanin FCHc, we subcloned two FCHc fragments by designing special primers. Two(More)
Integer ambiguity resolution at a single station can be preformed if the fractional-cycle biases are separated from the ambiguity estimates in precise point positioning (PPP). Despite the improved positioning accuracy by such integer resolutions, the convergence to an ambiguity-fixed solution normally requires at least a few tens of minutes. More(More)
Slc7a11 encoding solute carrier family 7 member 11 (amionic amino acid transporter light chain, xCT), has been identified to be a critical genetic regulator of pheomelanin synthesis in hair and melanocytes. To better understand the molecular characterization of Slc7a11 and the expression patterns in skin of white versus brown alpaca (lama paco), we cloned(More)
[1] We present the coupling methodology and validation of a fully coupled inner and global magnetosphere code using the infrastructure provided by the Space Weather Modeling Framework (SWMF). In this model, the Comprehensive Ring Current Model (CRCM) represents the inner magnetosphere, while the Block-Adaptive-Tree Solar-Wind Roe-Type Upwind Scheme(More)
The use of GPS for the deflection and deformation monitoring of structures has been under investigation for a number of years. Previous work has shown that GPS not only measures the magnitude of the deflection of the structure, but also it is able to measure the frequency of the movement. Both sets of information are useful for structural engineers when(More)
[1] In order to better describe the space plasmas where pressure anisotropy has prominent effects, we extend the BATS-R-US magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) model to include anisotropic pressure. We implement the anisotropic MHD equations under the double adiabatic approximation with an additional pressure relaxation term into BATS-R-US and perform global(More)