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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t In previous studies, the optical properties of sulfate aerosols were employed to estimate the direct radiative forcing (DRF) due to nitrate aerosols. Ensuing errors have not been rigorously evaluated, which is a major objective of this study. First, we compared the optical properties of nitrate and sulfate aerosols in(More)
This paper presents a video-based motion modeling technique for capturing physically realistic human motion from monocular video sequences. We formulate the video-based motion modeling process in an image-based keyframe animation framework. The system first computes camera parameters, human skeletal size, and a small number of 3D key poses from video and(More)
A n interactive system that lets users quickly pose a 3D full-body human character has many applications—for example, rapid pro-totyping of 3D human animation, real-time game character control, interactive humanoid robot manipulation, and human-computer interactions. Building such a system presents two major challenges. First, typical user input(More)
We present a fast, automatic method for accurately capturing full-body motion data using a single depth camera. At the core of our system lies a realtime registration process that accurately reconstructs 3D human poses from single monocular depth images, even in the case of significant occlusions. The idea is to formulate the registration problem in a(More)
This paper introduces an approach to performance animation that employs a small number of motion sensors to create an easy-to-use system for an interactive control of a full-body human character. Our key idea is to construct a series of online local dynamic models from a prerecorded motion database and utilize them to construct full-body human motion in a(More)
This article shows how statistical motion priors can be combined seamlessly with physical constraints for human motion modeling and generation. The key idea of the approach is to learn a nonlinear probabilistic force field function from prerecorded motion data with Gaussian processes and combine it with physical constraints in a probabilistic framework. In(More)
BACKGROUND Currently three hospital and tuberculosis (TB) collaboration models exist in China: the dispensary model where TB has to be diagnosed and treated in TB dispensaries, the specialist model where TB specialist hospital also treat TB patients, and the integrated model where TB diagnosis and treatment is integrated into a general hospital. The study(More)
Strong primary care is in urgent need for the management and control of hypertension. This study aimed to compare the quality of hypertensive care delivered by community health centers (CHCs) in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Multistage random sampling method was used to select 4 CHCs in each city as study settings. A cohort of hypertensive patients under the(More)
BACKGROUND The TB operational guideline (the deskguide) is a detailed action guide for county TB doctors aiming to improve the quality of DOTS, while the China national TB policy guide is a guide to TB control that is comprehensive but lacks operational usability for frontline TB doctors. This study reports the process of deskguide adaptation, its scale-up(More)