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Multimedia contents, especially videos, are being exponentially generated today. Due to the limited local storage, people are willing to store the videos at the remote cloud media center for its low cost and scalable storage. However, videos may have to be encrypted before outsourcing for privacy concerns. For practical purposes, the cloud media center(More)
Cloud computing gets increasing attention for its capacity to leverage developers from infrastructure management tasks. However, recent works reveal that side channel attacks can lead to privacy leakage in the cloud. Enhancing isolation between users is an effective solution to eliminate the attack. In this paper, to eliminate side channel attacks, we(More)
Persistent organic pollutants in drinking water impose a substantial risk to the health of human beings, but the evidence for liver toxic effect and the underlying mechanism is scarce. This study aimed to examine the liver toxicity and elucidate the molecular mechanism of organic pollutants in drinking water in normal human liver cell line L02 cells and(More)
The key to the success of a P2P reputation system is the feedbacks aggre-gating mechanism. Based on human cognitive psychology, Tree-Trust, a novel reputation model is introduced, in which the concept of direct trust tree (DTT) is presented innovatively. The main contributions include: (1) in Tree-Trust, feedbacks are searched by using DTT instead of in(More)
—The Coverage Control Technology is one of the basic technologies of wireless sensor network, and is mainly concerned about how to prolong the network lifetime on the basis of meeting users' perception demand. Among this, in the study of area coverage, the set K-cover algorithm is broadly accepted because that it can prolong network lifetime rather well.(More)