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Subcritical co-solvents extraction of lipid from wet microalgae pastes of Nannochloropsis sp. In this paper subcritical co-solvents extraction (SCE) of algal lipid from wet pastes of Nannochloropsis sp. is examined. The influences of five operating parameters including the ratio between ethanol to hexane, the ratio of mixed solvents to algal biomass (dry(More)
Insect species recognition is more difficult than generic object recognition because of the similarity between different species. In this paper, we propose a hybrid approach called discriminative local soft coding (DLSoft) which combines local and discriminative coding strategies together. Our method takes use of neighbor codewords to get a local soft(More)
Cerebral edema is a major contributor to morbidity associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI). The methods involved in most rodent models of TBI, including head fixation, opening of the skull, and prolonged anesthesia, likely alter TBI development and reduce secondary injury. We report the development of a closed-skull model of murine TBI, which minimizes(More)
In this paper, we propose an active grid resource management system supported by active networks for computational grid. First, we construct a scal-able two-level resource management architecture. In this architecture, resources in the system are divided into multiple autonomous domains. In each domain, an active resource tree (ART) is organized with(More)
The increasing complexity of today's multimedia and wireless applications is motivating the system designers to innovate continuously. With the challenge to keep various performance metrics in a tight balance while designing a complex system, an entire range of components are now being offered as choices for system building blocks. Coarse-Grained(More)
BACKGROUND Hepatic stellate cell (HSC) plays a key role in pathogenesis of liver fibrosis. During liver injury, hypoxia in local micro-environment is inevitable. Hif-1α is the key transcriptional regulation factor that induces cell's adaptive responses to hypoxia. Recently, it was reported that MAPK is involved in regulation of Hif-1α activity. AIMS To(More)
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