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—Studies of the performance of interrupt-driven operating systems in high-speed networks have brought forth the problem of receive livelock. Device hybrid interrupt-polling and interrupt coalescing are two common techniques used in general-purpose operating systems to mitigate this problem. Adaptive schemes based on local knowledge have been proposed for(More)
In this paper, we consider two fairness problems (downlink/uplink fairness and fairness among flows in the same direction) that arise in the infrastructure WLAN. We propose a virtual queue management approach, named VQ-RED to address the fairness problems. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach by conducting a series of simulations. The results(More)
Inspired by the migratory behavior in the nature, a novel particle swarm optimization algorithm based on particle migration (MPSO) is proposed in this work. In this new algorithm, the population is randomly partitioned into several sub-swarms, each of which is made to evolve based on particle swarm optimization with time varying inertia weight and(More)
Network virtualization is being regarded as a promising technology to create an ecosystem for cloud computing applications. One critical issue in network virtualization technology is power-efficient virtual network embedding (PE-VNE), which deals with the physical resource allocation to virtual nodes and links of a virtual network while minimizing the(More)
The Assured Forwarding (AF) based service in a Differentiated Services (DiffServ) network fails to provide bandwidth assurance among competing aggregates under certain conditions, for example, where there exists a large disparity in the round-trip times, packet sizes, or target rates of the aggregates, or there exist non-adaptive aggregates. Several(More)
Interrupt coalescing (IC) technique has been used in general-purpose operating systems to mitigate Receive Livelock (RL) problem in Gigabit Ethernet Network hosts. Schemes for dynamically tuning the interrupt coalescing behavior of a communication interface based on traffic load or system state have been proposed. However, all the existing IC schemes are(More)