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Recently, MOEA/D (multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition) has achieved great success in the field of evolutionary multi-objective optimization and has attracted a lot of attention. It decomposes a multi-objective optimization problem (MOP) into a set of scalar subproblems using uniformly distributed aggregation weight vectors and(More)
Driver behavior plays an important role in modeling vehicle dynamics in a traffic simulation environment. To study one element of the general driver behavior, that of car following, an advanced instrumented vehicle has been applied in dynamic data collection in real traffic flow on Swedish roads. This paper briefly introduces our car following data(More)
—This paper first reports a data acquisition method that the authors used in a project on modeling driver behavior for microscopic traffic simulations. An advanced instrumented vehicle was employed to collect driver-behavior data, mainly car-following and lane-changing patterns, on Swedish roads. To eliminate the measurement noise in acquired car-following(More)
—In order to fulfill the policy requirements on increased transport energy efficiency and reduced emission impacts , smart control and management of vehicles and fleets have become important for the evolution of green intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The emergence of new information and communication technologies (ICT) and their applications,(More)