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Recently, MOEA/D (multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition) has achieved great success in the field of evolutionary multi-objective optimization and has attracted a lot of attention. It decomposes a multi-objective optimization problem (MOP) into a set of scalar subproblems using uniformly distributed aggregation weight vectors and(More)
A new generation of "molecular basket" sorbents (MBS) has been developed by the optimum combination of the nanoporous material and CO(2)/H(2)S-philic polymer sorbent to increase the accessible sorption sites for CO(2) capture from flue gas (Postdecarbonization), and for CO(2) and H(2)S separation from the reduced gases, such as synthesis gas, reformate(More)
In this paper, a solid molecular basket sorbent, 50 wt% PEI/SBA-15, was studied for CO(2) capture from gas streams with low CO(2) concentration under ambient conditions. The sorbent was able to effectively and selectively capture CO(2) from a gas stream containing 1% CO(2) at 75 °C, with a breakthrough and saturation capacity of 63.1 and 66.7 mg g(-1),(More)
Group-based signal controllers are widely deployed on urban networks in the Nordic countries. However, group-based signal controls are usually implemented with rather simple timing logics, e.g. vehicle actuated timing. In addition, group-based signal control systems with pre-defined signal parameter settings show relatively poor performances in a(More)
This paper first reports a data acquisition method that the authors used in a project on modeling driver behavior for microscopic traffic simulations. An advanced instrumented vehicle was employed to collect driver-behavior data, mainly car-following and lane-changing patterns, on Swedish roads. To eliminate the measurement noise in acquired car-following(More)
This work examines the effects of structural and surface properties of carbon materials on the adsorption of benzothiophene (BT), dibenzothiophene (DBT), 4-methyldibenzothiophene (4-MDBT) and 4,6-dimethyl-dibenzothiophene (4,6-DMDBT) in the presence of 10 wt % of aromatics in liquid alkanes that simulate sulfur compounds in diesel fuels. The(More)