Xiaoliang Li

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This paper is concerned with stability analysis of biological networks modeled as discrete and finite dynamical systems. We show how to use algebraic methods based on quantifier elimination, real solution classification and discriminant varieties to detect steady states and to analyze their stability and bifurcations for discrete dynamical systems. For(More)
Cardiac progenitor cells derived from adult heart have emerged as one of the most promising stem cell types for cardiac protection and repair. Exosomes are known to mediate cell-cell communication by transporting cell-derived proteins and nucleic acids, including various microRNAs (miRNAs). Here we investigated the cardiac progenitor cell (CPC)-derived(More)
In order to accurately extract the profile image of the ground moving targets (GMT) in the forward scatter radar (FSR), a forward scatter signal model of GMT is built based on the Fresnel-Kirchhoff diffraction formula, the multipath propagation model and the high order phase approximation method. The classical shadow inverse synthetic aperture radar (SISAR)(More)
—An Active Power Filter (APF)based on digital signal processor (DSP) and complicated programming logic component (CPLD) is designed in this paper. Solft and hard wares are introduced and the simulation experiment to compensate the reactive power and harmonics in three-phase four-wires system is done. By using Matlab.simulation model is build for the device(More)
In this paper, the target magnitude signature and Doppler signature characteristics are analyzed in detail. Based on the Doppler signature, the target motion parameters can be extracted. Combining the magnitude signal and Doppler signal, the target convoy resolutions in ground forward scattering radar (FSR) are analytically obtained, which is different from(More)
Ritt-Wu's algorithm of characteristic sets is the most representative for triangularizing sets of multivariate polynomials. Pseudo-division is the main operation used in this algorithm. In this paper we present a new algorithmic scheme for computing generalized characteristic sets by introducing other admissible reductions than pseudo-division. A concrete(More)