Xiaolian Zhang

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BACKGROUND Although methylation-mediated inactivation of expression of RASSF1A, a candidate tumor suppressor gene, has been observed in several human cancers, the data concerning alteration of RASSF1A expression and methylation in Chinese primary gastric cancer are scarce. Moreover, direct evidence showing the association between protein expression of(More)
BACKGROUND The highly polymorphic nonclassical MHC class I chain-related genes A and B (MICA and MICB) encode stress-inducible glycoproteins expressed on various epithelial cells including intestinal epithelial cells. MICA and MICB gene polymorphisms and expressions are associated with autoimmune diseases but not known in ulcerative colitis (UC). AIMS To(More)
As one of the most ancient crafts in the handicraft times, bamboo weaving dates back to thousands of years ago. The diversified bamboo weaving methods can be used to fabricate daily necessities, such as fan, basket, dustpan, etc. With the development of modern manufacturing technology, however, bamboo handicrafts are no longer popular, significantly due to(More)
OBJECTIVES Senior medical students, who are future doctors, should be prepared to use antimicrobials appropriately and will be important partners in antimicrobial stewardship. This survey was designed to investigate the attitudes and perceptions of senior medical students regarding antimicrobial use and resistance. METHODOLOGY We performed a multi-center(More)
There is a prosperity in wearable media in data monitoring. Since the apparel can show personal tastes, emotions and attitudes, what if our clothes could express affective information throughout different situations? This paper presents a system for enhancing the experience of situated-base affective communication by information visualization. The paper(More)
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