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Despite progress in image retrieval by using low-level features, such as colors, textures and shapes, the performance is still unsatisfied as there are existing gaps between low-level features and high-level semantic concepts (semantic gaps). In this research, we propose a novel image retrieval system based on bag-of-features (BoF) model by integrating(More)
LWK WKH UDSLG DGYDQFHV LQ PRELOH FRPSXWLQJ WHFKQRORJ\ WKHUH LV DQ LQFUHDVLQJ GHPDQG IRU processing real-time transactions in a mobile environment. This paper studies concurrency control problem in mobile distributed real-time database systems (MDRTDBS). Based on the High Priority Two Phase Locking (HP2PL) scheme, we propose a distributed real-time locking(More)
This paper presents MVOCC-NT protocol for processing mobile real-time nested transaction in mobile broadcast environments. The protocol can eliminate conflicts between mobile read-only and mobile update nested transactions, and resolve data conflicts flexibly using multiversion dynamic adjustment of serialization order to avoid unnecessary restarts of(More)
AIMS To investigate how specific factors, including knowledge, attitude, use of protective devices, safety climate, workload, and nurses' behaviors can influence standard precautions in China through structural equation modeling techniques. BACKGROUND Although a number of empirical studies have been conducted, an investigation of how multiple variables(More)
BACKGROUND We investigated the influence of multiple factors on the incidence of occupational blood and body fluid exposures (BBFEs) in health care workers (HCWs) in Guizhou, China, using structural equation modeling (SEM). METHODS SEM tested in general hospitals was evaluated using survey data from a sample of 1,774 HCWs from 25 hospitals in Guizhou,(More)
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