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An auxiliary differential equation finite-difference time domain (ADE-FDTD) methodology was used here to study the propagation of electromagnetic wave through a plasma sheath The reflection and transmission coefficients calculated by ADE-FDTD were compared with the analytic ones. The result shows an excellent agreement. Then, ADE-FDTD was used to resolve(More)
The complexes [Fe(Sal2trien)]NO3 and Cu(Sal2trien) have been synthesized and their interaction with calf thymus DNA has been investigated for the first time using UV spectra, fluorescence spectra, thermal denaturation, and viscosity measurements. The experimental results show conformably that the mode of binding of the complex [Fe(Sal2trien)]NO3 to DNA is(More)
FDTD algorithm based on 2-D cylindrical-coordinate is used to investigate LF ground-wave propagation over lossy ground paths due to a vertical current element source at short distances. In this paper, 100 kHz LF signal is taken for an example and the numerical model is verified by comparing its results for LF propagation attenuation with corresponding data(More)
Based on the impulse radar and the spread-spectrum (SS) radar, the through-wall imaging with three stationary targets or a moving target in a room are obtained, respectively, and compared in this paper. We then analyze the influences of different analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and noise levels on imaging quality. Results show that the SS radar has a(More)
There is a contradiction in classical adaptive filtering algorithm that fast convergence speed comparing with low steady state error. In order to improve this contradiction, this paper presents a new non-parametric Variable Step-Size NLMS algorithm. The new algorithm uses gradient vector's features to achieve the step iteration and a certain approximation(More)
The binding of a Co(III) complex to the decanucleotide d(CCGAATGAGG)(2) containing two pairs of G:A mismatches was studied by 2D-NMR, UV absorption, and molecular modeling. NMR investigations indicate that racemic [Co(phen)(2)(HPIP)]Cl(3) [HPIP=2-(2-hydroxyphenyl) imidazo [4,5-f][1,10] phenanthroline] binds the decanucleotide by intercalation: the HPIP(More)
An stretched coordinate (SC) based perfectly matched layer (PML) is presented for Weighted-Laguerre-Polynomial finite-difference time-domain (WLP-FDTD) method. The SC-PML is used for truncating plasma media. The absorbing boundary is implemented using the auxiliary differential equation. Numerical example is included to validate the proposed algorithm.
Satellite navigation, such as GPS, plays a major role in timing, positioning, and navigation, however, the reliability and availability of these systems cannot satisfy all requirements of today’s navigation. The navigation system of the future will likely combine various independent systems that complement each other in an optimal way [1]. Loran-C is(More)