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We report improved whole-genome shotgun sequences for the genomes of indica and japonica rice, both with multimegabase contiguity, or almost 1,000-fold improvement over the drafts of 2002. Tested against a nonredundant collection of 19,079 full-length cDNAs, 97.7% of the genes are aligned, without fragmentation, to the mapped super-scaffolds of one or the(More)
GM130 and GRASP65 are Golgi peripheral membrane proteins that play a key role in Golgi stacking and vesicle tethering. However, the molecular details of their interaction and their structural role as a functional unit remain unclear. Here, we present the crystal structure of the PDZ domains of GRASP65 in complex with the GM130 C-terminal peptide at 1.96-Å(More)
BACKGROUND The identification of chromosomal homology will shed light on such mysteries of genome evolution as DNA duplication, rearrangement and loss. Several approaches have been developed to detect chromosomal homology based on gene synteny or colinearity. However, the previously reported implementations lack statistical inferences which are essential to(More)
Each cotton fiber is a single-celled seed trichome or hair, and over 20,000 fibers may develop semi-synchronously on each seed. The molecular basis for seed hair development is unknown but is likely to share many similarities with leaf trichome development in Arabidopsis. Leaf trichome initiation in Arabidopsis thaliana is activated by GLABROUS1 (GL1) that(More)
Lake Chaohu, which is a large, shallow, hypertrophic freshwater lake in southeastern China, has been experiencing lake-wide toxic Microcystis blooms in recent decades. To illuminate the relationships between microcystin (MC) production, the genotypic composition of the Microcystis community and environmental factors, water samples and associated(More)
Tocopherol-deficient transgenic plants were generated by silencing HPT and TC. They exhibited distinct phenotype and physiological parameters under high light condition, indicating that tocopherol is indispensable in photoprotection in rice. Tocopherols are lipophilic antioxidants that are synthesized exclusively in photosynthetic organisms. Despite(More)
Biofilms play important roles in microbial communities and are related to infectious diseases. Here, we report direct evidence that a bacterial nox gene encoding NADH oxidase is involved in biofilm formation. A dramatic reduction in biofilm formation was observed in a Streptococcus sanguinis nox mutant under anaerobic conditions without any decrease in(More)
BACKGROUND NPM, TFF3 and TACC1 are molecular markers that play important roles in cell differentiation. Herein, we investigated their prognostic impact in patients with primary gastric cancer (GC) and determined whether they could be used as markers of more aggressive gastric carcinomas by detecting the extent of expression in human gastric carcinoma(More)
The problem of angular glint of flying vehicle formation and its application in anti-interception is studied. The angular glint of the flying vehicle formation is modeled as evenly distributed N-point scattering centers with method of phase gradient, and the linear errors of the angular glint and its distribution characteristics are calculated. Finally,(More)