Xiaoli Lu

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This cross-sectional, descriptive study identified variables associated with caregivers who (1) were employed and (2) reported lost hours from work due to care demands. Family caregivers (N=80) of persons with a primary malignant brain tumor participated in a 45-60 min telephone interview, answering questions regarding the impact of providing care on their(More)
To fabricate high-strength diatomite-based ceramics for dental applications, the layer-by-layer technique was used to coat diatomite particles with cationic [poly(allylamine hydrochloride)] and anionic [poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate)] polymers to improve the dispersion and adsorption of positively charged nano-ZrO(2) (zirconia) as a reinforcing agent. The(More)
In this paper we present an effective scheme to excise impulsive noise pixels from a range-Doppler image or map. The temporal impulses in High Frequency Ocean Surveillance radar (HFOSR) Doppler spectrum image arise due to local lightning discharges or man-made sources. Previous work focused on locating the noise position (detection) and applying a simple(More)
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