Xiaoli Lu

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Lactobacillus paracasei N1115 is a new strain with probiotic properties isolated from traditional homemade dairy products in Inner Mongolia, China. Here, we report the complete genome sequence of L. paracasei N1115, which shows high similarity to the well-studied probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, and 3 structures turned out to be inversions, according(More)
The standard treatment for patients with advanced gastric cancer (AGC) is still a matter of debate. The chemotherapy regimen of paclitaxel (PTX) combined with S-1 has been used to treat AGC or metastatic gastric cancer.We conducted a meta-analysis to compare oral S-1 and infusional 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) to determine which agent was more efficacious and less(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of LQT2 is inadequate. Many drugs which can pharmacologically rescue defective protein trafficking in LQT2 also result in potent blockade of HERG current, negating their therapeutic benefit. It is reported that PD-118057 and thapsigargin can rescue LQT2 without hERG channel blockade, but the precise mechanism of action is unknown.(More)
To fabricate high-strength diatomite-based ceramics for dental applications, the layer-by-layer technique was used to coat diatomite particles with cationic [poly(allylamine hydrochloride)] and anionic [poly(sodium 4-styrenesulfonate)] polymers to improve the dispersion and adsorption of positively charged nano-ZrO(2) (zirconia) as a reinforcing agent. The(More)
The development of hydrothermal synthesis has greatly promoted bottom-up nanoscience for the rational growth of diverse zinc oxide (ZnO) nanostructures. In comparison with normal ZnO nanowires, ZnO nanostructures with a larger surface area, for instance, branched nanowires, are more attractive in the application fields of catalysis, sensing, dye-sensitized(More)
—We present a broadband on-wafer calibration from 45 MHz to 40 GHz for variable temperature measurements, which requires three standards: a thru, reflect, and series resistor. At room temperature, the maximum error of this technique, compared to a benchmark nine-standard multiline thru-reflect-line (TRL) method, is comparable to the repeatability of the(More)
This work reports an unexpected oxidation behavior of Cu nanoparticles embedded in porous Al(2)O(3) confinements that are produced by annealing alucone (an organic-inorganic hybrid material) deposited by molecular layer deposition. An oxidation of such encapsulated Cu nanoparticles by annealing in air produces Cu oxide nanoparticles attached to the outer(More)