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This paper presents a simple method for on-line wear state monitoring and tool replacement decision-making using spindle motor and feed motor current signals in drilling. In the paper, the effects of tool wear as well as cutting parameters on the cutting current signals are analyzed. The models on the relationship between the current signals and the cutting(More)
A new method for workpiece error analysis and compensation in turning is introduced. It is known that the workpiece error consists of two parts: machine tool error (including the geometric error and thermal-induced error) and cutting-induced error. The geometric error of the machine tool is independent on machining operation and, hence, can be measured(More)
This article discusses the design of a process control system for a hardening production line of die steel in a steel plant in China under the LabVIEW. This design achieved the functions including information reception of the steel billet, setting of process, real-time data acquisition, data storage, device status monitoring and model optimization. The(More)
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