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Coordination among users is an indispensable part in wireless networks for efficient medium access. Alone with the rapid increase of transmission rate, however, coordination time becomes insufferable. We present AFD, namely asymmetric full duplex, to achieve high coordination efficiency at nearly zero overhead. In AFD, channel contention is performed(More)
25 unprecedented insights into many macromolecular machines in fundamental life processes 1,2. By 26 directly imaging the biological samples frozen in buffer solutions, cryo-EM circumvents the 27 need to obtain well-ordered crystals, a major bottleneck in traditional crystallographic methods 28 for high resolution structure determination. Single particle(More)
Large bandwidth is indispensable for future high-speed wireless transmission. However, implementation of traditional receiver demands ultra-high-speed ADC to receive large-bandwidth signals, which is challenging for current manufacturing. Motivated to defeat this challenge, we propose STTGR, which is literally extracted from stitching-together receiving.(More)
For the different properties between dedicated grid and non-dedicated grid, two algorithms, named by DSADG (a Dynamic Scheduling Algorithm for Dedicated grid) and SARCNG (a Scheduling Algorithm with Reliable Communications for Non-dedicated grid), are presented. The former, based on the idea of dynamic critical path, proposes the method to compute the(More)
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