Xiaolei Yi

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An operator-based and sparsity-based approach is proposed to adaptively separate a signal into additive subcomponents. The proposed approach can be formulated as an optimization problem. Since the design of the operator can be adaptively customized to the target signal, we can propose different types of operators for different types of signals. The(More)
BACKGROUND Evaluate the biological characteristics of lower extremity deep venous thrombosis by applying acoustic radiation force impulse imaging technique(ARFI), explore the correlation between the value of shear wave speed (SWV) and short-term efficacy of thrombolytic therapy as well as analyze the application value of shear wave velocity in predicting(More)
Graphene films have been attracting great interest owing to their unique physical properties. In this paper, we develop an efficient method to prepare large-area monolayer graphene (97.5% coverage) by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition on Cu foils using polystyrene in a short time (3 min). Raman spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy and(More)
BACKGROUND Due to major complication that acute thrombosis can occur, we aim to observe the value of real-time tissue elastography (RTE) in assessing the stage of thrombi. METHODS We prospectively analyzed 132 patients with deep venous thrombosis confirmed by clinical symptoms and conventional ultrasound examination. RTE imaging of thrombosis were(More)
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