Xiaolei Xu

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There are two kinds of nodes which are place nodes and transition nodes in an original Petri net, and this state leads to confusion in nodes management. Through theoretical analysis, modeling method for business process is proposed by merging the two kinds of nodes based on Petri net. Execution mechanism of the method is mainly studied. Using token, process(More)
We normally react to individuals who exclude us socially by either avoiding them or increasing our attempts to interact with them. The neuropeptide oxytocin can promote social bonds and reduce social conflict and we therefore investigated whether it facilitates more positive social responses towards individuals who exclude or include us. In a double-blind,(More)
Real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (rtfMRI)-assisted neurofeedback (NF) training allows subjects to acquire volitional control over regional brain activity. Emerging evidence suggests its potential clinical utility as an effective non-invasive treatment approach in mental disorders. The therapeutic potential of rtfMRI-NF training depends(More)
In order to realize process modeling and management in the product design, a business process modeling methodology is put forward based on Petri net. In this paper, we merge place node and transition node in Petri net, and reserve token element only by analyzing execution mechanism and dispatching principle of Petri net. In parallel design process(More)
—It is still a technique " bottleneck " for continuous development of the city rail transit that how to determine the transfer paths made by passengers and how to implement clearing transfer transactions and ticket revenues in the city rail transit network in which the " transfer with one ticket in station " would be implemented. In this paper, a simplified(More)
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