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Given a noisy and incomplete point set, we introduce a method that simultaneously recovers a set of locally fitted primitives along with their global mutual relations. We operate under the assumption that the data corresponds to a man-made engineering object consisting of basic primitives, possibly repeated and globally aligned under common relations. We(More)
Load distribution is vital to the performance of multipath transport. The task becomes more challenging in real-time multimedia applications (RTMA), which impose stringent delay requirements. Two key issues to be addressed are: 1) How to minimize end-to-end delay and 2) how to alleviate packet reordering that incurs additional recovery time at the receiver.(More)
Due to complex environment of the coal mine, it's necessary to monitor the information of underground environment, device and miner instantly in order to ensure the safety of coal mine production. However, the exiting coal mine can not meet the requirements of coverage without blind spots as it is developed by the wired network. This paper proposes a(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method for reconstructing 3D models from a noisy and incomplete 3D scan and a coarse template model. The main idea is to maintain characteristic high-level features of the template that remain unchanged for different variants of the same type of object. As invariants, we chose the partial symmetry structure of the template(More)
Texture synthesis is a versatile tool for creating and editing 2D images. However, applying it to 3D content creation is difficult due to the higher demand of model accuracy and the large search space that also contains many implausible shapes. Our paper explores offset statistics for 3D shape retargeting. We observe that the offset histograms between(More)
Recently, collaborative filtering-based methods are widely used for service recommendation. QoS attribute value-based collaborative filtering service recommendation mainly includes two important steps. One is the similarity computation, and the other is the prediction for QoS attribute value, which the user has not experienced. In previous studies, the(More)
With the development of network technology and the increasing of users, web services are becoming increasingly popular, and they have brought more and more convenience to the users. As the increasing of web services, their interfaces become complicated and insistent due to the diversity of application environment. This situation produces tremendous(More)