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A general theoretical model for spectrum-sliced microwave-photonic filter design is presented. It is applicable to arbitrary variable time-delay characteristics, and to both double- and single-sideband modulation formats. Based on this model, dispersion-induced RF characteristics are investigated theoretically and experimentally. The results show that apart(More)
A new all-optical microwave photonic filter structure that can realize arbitrary programmable complex coefficients, multiple taps, and shape-invariant frequency tuning over the full free-spectral range (FSR) range is presented. It is based on a new optical RF phase shifter achieved by using a programmable wavelength processor (PWP) comprising an array of(More)
A new noise mitigation design strategy for spectrum sliced microwave photonic filters is presented. It is based on making the spectral slice bandwidths narrower than the modulation frequency and making the spacing between slices larger than the photodetector bandwidth. Advantages of this approach are that it is particularly simple, it does not require(More)
A new and simple structure for a single passband microwave photonic filter is presented. It is based on using an electro-optical phase modulator and a tunable optical filter and only requires a single wavelength source and a single photodetector. Experimental results are presented that demonstrate a single passband, flat-top radio-frequency filter response(More)
A new switchable microwave photonic filter based on a novel spectrum slicing technique is presented. The processor enables programmable multi-tap generation with general transfer function characteristics and offers tunability, reconfigurabiliy, and switchability. It is based on connecting a dispersion controlled spectrum slicing filter after the modulated(More)
Photonic signal processing offers the prospect of realising extremely high multi-GHz sampling frequencies, overcoming inherent electronic limitations. These processors provide new capabilities for realising high time-bandwidth operation and high-resolution performance. In-fibre signal processors are inherently compatible with fibre optic microwave systems,(More)
A single passband microwave photonic signal processor based on continuous time impulse response that has high resolution, multiple-taps and baseband-free response as well as exhibiting a square-top passband and tunability, is presented. The design and synthesis of the frequency response are based on a full systematic model for single passband microwave(More)
A new optically controlled phased array beamforming technique based on phase modulations of wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) single sideband modulated light with carrier using a two-dimensional array liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) pixels device, is presented. It realizes multiple wideband photonic microwave phase shifters, operates over a wide(More)
A novel ultraflat widely tunable single bandpass filter based on processing carrier-suppressed upper and lower sidebands separately and stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) is analyzed and presented. The microwave photonic filter features continuous and enhanced tunability via mapping the frequency change of RF oscillation doubly onto the central frequency(More)