Xiaoke Niu

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During the course of information processing, a visual system extracts characteristic information of the visual image and integrates the spatial and temporal visual information simultaneously. In this study, we investigate the integration effect of neurons in the primary visual cortex (V1 area) under the grating stimulation. First, an information integration(More)
The biological networks have been widely reported to present small-world properties. However, the effects of small-world network structure on population’s encoding performance remain poorly understood. To address this issue, we applied a small world-based framework to quantify and analyze the response dynamics of cell assemblies recorded from rat primary(More)
A wide range of evidence has shown that information encoding performed by the visual cortex involves complex activities of neuronal populations. However, the effects of the neuronal connectivity structure on the population’s encoding performance remain poorly understood. In this paper, a small-world-based population encoding model of the primary visual(More)
The neuronal activity evoked by stimuli confined in a receptive field can be modulated by surround stimuli of the extra-classical receptive field (eCRF). The surrounding modulation, hypothesized to be the basis of visual feature integration and figure-ground segregation, has drawn much attention in the field of neuroscience and engineering. However, most(More)
Important aspects of brain information processing can be understood by examining decoding of visual stimuli from neuronal response signals. In this research, the luminance information is decoded from the local field potential signal in the optic tectum region of the pigeon. We designed a luminance visual stimulus model with transient flicker(More)
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