Xiaokai Chen

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A simple and highly efficient method for dopamine (DA) detection using water-soluble silicon nanoparticles (SiNPs) was reported. The SiNPs with a high quantum yield of 23.6% were synthesized by using a one-pot microwave-assisted method. The fluorescence quenching capability of a variety of molecules on the synthesized SiNPs has been tested; only DA(More)
In this work, we prepared quaternized carbon dots (CDs) with simultaneous antibacterial and bacterial differentiation capabilities using a simple carboxyl-amine reaction between lauryl betaine and amine-functionalized CDs. The obtained quaternized CDs have several fascinating properties/abilities: (1) A long fluorescence emission wavelength ensures the(More)
Cholesterol-containing molecules or nanoparticles play a significant role in achieving favorable plasma membrane imaging and efficient cellular uptake of drugs by the excellent membrane anchoring capability of the cholesterol moiety. By linking cholesterol to a water-soluble component (such as poly(ethylene glycol), PEG), the resulting cholesterol-PEG(More)
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