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State Transition Algorithm
A new heuristic random search algorithm named state transition algorithm, based on random search theory, for continuous function optimization problems, with good global search capability and convergence property when compared with some popular algorithms is proposed. Expand
A new transformation into state transition algorithm for finding the global minimum
To promote the global search ability of the original state transition algorithm, a new operator called axesion is suggested, which aims to search along the axes and strengthen single dimensionalExpand
Initial Version of State Transition Algorithm
A new algorithm-State Transition Algorithm (STA) is proposed in order to probe into classical and intelLigent optimization algorithms on the basis of state and state transition, it becomes much simpler and easier to understand. Expand
A new multi-threshold image segmentation approach using state transition algorithm
Abstract Thresholding plays an important role in image segmentation and image analysis. In this paper, the normalized histogram of an image is fitted by a linear combined normal distributionExpand
Optimal design of water distribution networks by a discrete state transition algorithm
In this study it is demonstrated that, with respect to model formulation, the number of linear and nonlinear equations involved in water distribution networks can be reduced to the number of closedExpand
Finite-time $$\varvec{H_{\infty }}$$H∞ control for linear systems with semi-Markovian switching
Finite-time $$H_{\infty }$$H∞ control problem is a fascinating and hot issue in the field of control science. This paper presents a novel framework for finite-time $$H_{\infty }$$H∞ stabilization ofExpand
A novel modularity-based discrete state transition algorithm for community detection in networks
A novel modularity-based discrete state transition algorithm (MDSTA) is proposed to obtain more optimal and stable solutions for community detection in networks and based on the heuristic information of the network, vertex substitute transformationoperator and community substitute transformation operator are proposed for global search. Expand
A Statistical Study on Parameter Selection of Operators in Continuous State Transition Algorithm
A new continuous STA with optimal parameter selection of operators in continuous STA is proposed to accelerate its search process and a comparison with other metaheuristics has demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed method. Expand
A Two-stage State Transition Algorithm for Constrained Engineering Optimization Problems
The experimental results have shown that the optimal solutions obtained by the proposed STA are all superior to those by typical approaches in the literature in terms of both convergency and precision. Expand
Fast gradient-based distributed optimisation approach for model predictive control and application in four-tank benchmark
By taking both control and state vectors as decision variables, the subproblems of model predictive control scheme can be considered as a class of separable convex optimisation problems with couplingExpand