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This study statistically evaluates the relationship between Antarctic Sea Ice extent and global climate variability. Temporal cross-correlations between detrended Antarctic sea ice edge (SIE) anomaly and various climate indices are calculated. For the sea surface temperature (SST) in the eastern equatorial Pacific and tropical Indian Ocean, as well as the(More)
In this letter, we propose a turbo compressed sensing algorithm with partial discrete Fourier transform (DFT) sensing matrices. Interestingly, the state evolution of the proposed algorithm is shown to be consistent with that derived using the replica method. Numerical results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm outperforms the well-known approximate(More)
—This paper studies the transceiver design of the Gaussian two-pair two-way relay channel (TWRC), where two pairs of users exchange information through a common relay in a pairwise manner. Our main contribution is to show that the capacity of the Gaussian two-pair TWRC is achievable to within 1 2 bit for arbitrary channel conditions. In the proof, we(More)
In this paper, we study achievable degrees of freedom (DoF) of a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) multiway relay channel (mRC) where K users, each equipped with M antennas, exchange messages in a pairwise manner via a common N-antenna relay node. A novel and systematic way of joint beamforming design at the users and at the relay is proposed to align(More)
[1] Evidence of El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) teleconnections in the southern high latitude climate has been identified, although the mechanisms that might lead to such far-reaching teleconnections remain unresolved. Here we propose one such mechanism-the regional mean meridional atmospheric circulation (the regional Ferrel Cell)-responsible for the(More)
A low power wireless telemetry system for capsule endoscopy is presented in this paper. The proposed system is based on impulse-radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) technology, it consists of a UWB transmitter utilizing fast on-off LC VCO and a non-coherent UWB receiver using energy detection. The whole system is implemented in 0.18-µm CMOS process and(More)
Information retrieval is a long established subfield of library and information science. Since its inception in the early-to mid-1950s, it has grown as a result, in part, of well-regarded retrieval system evaluation exercises/campaigns, the proliferation of Web search engines, and the expansion of digital libraries. Although researchers have examined the(More)