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We develop a no-reference image quality assessment (QA) algorithm that deploys a general regression neural network (GRNN). The new algorithm is trained on and successfully assesses image quality, relative to human subjectivity, across a range of distortion types. The features deployed for QA include the mean value of phase congruency image, the entropy of(More)
Direct assessments of gene function in parasitic flatworms have been hampered by the lack of effective tools to alter gene expression. The aim of the present study was to use RNA-interference (RNAi) to achieve targeted gene knockdown in larval stages of the human blood fluke, Schistosoma mansoni. We selected two S. mansoni genes for RNAi experiments: SGTP1,(More)
Free-living miracidia of Schistosoma mansoni, upon penetration of the their snail intermediate host, undergo dramatic morphological and physiological changes as they transform to the parasitic sporocyst stage. During this transformation process, developing larvae release a diverse array of proteins, herein referred to as larval transformation proteins(More)
We propose DAvinCi, a software framework that provides the scalability and parallelism advantages of cloud computing for service robots in large environments. We have implemented such a system around the Hadoop cluster with ROS (Robotic Operating system) as the messaging framework for our robotic ecosystem. We explore the possibilities of parallelizing some(More)
—Three-dimensional (3-D) video is a real 3-D movie recording the object's full 3-D shape, motion, and precise surface texture. This paper first proposes a parallel pipeline processing method for reconstructing a dynamic 3-D object shape from multiview video images, by which a temporal series of full 3-D voxel representations of the object behavior can be(More)
Quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization (QPSO), motivated by concepts from quantum mechanics and particle swarm optimization (PSO), is a probabilistic optimization algorithm belonging to the bare-bones PSO family. Although it has been shown to perform well in finding the optimal solutions for many optimization problems, there has so far been little(More)
This paper proposes the random drift particle swarm optimization (RDPSO) algorithm to solve economic dispatch (ED) problems from power systems area. The RDPSO is inspired by the free electron model in metal conductors placed in an external electric field, and it employs a novel set of evolution equations that can enhance the global search ability of the(More)
Interleukin-15 (IL-15) is a cytokine produced in the normal brain that acts on its specific receptor IL-15Rα and co-receptors IL-2Rβ and IL-2Rγ in neuronal cells. The functions of the cerebral IL-15 system, however, are not yet clear. To test the hypothesis that IL-15Rα regulates metabolic activity and body temperature, we quantified the specific metabolic(More)
Host lectin-like recognition molecules may play an important role in innate resistance in Biomphalaria glabrata snails to larval schistosome infection, thus implicating parasite-expressed glycans as putative ligands for these lectin receptors. While host lectins may utilize specific glycan structures for parasite recognition, it also has been hypothesized(More)