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We present the Implicit Fan Cursor (IFC) - a novel target pointing technique using a cursor with a fan-shape activation area. The IFC couples the cursor's activation area with its velocity, i.e., the speed and direction of the mouse motion, behaving like a 2D spotlight cursor at low speed and a circular area cursor at high speed. Thus, it enables the user(More)
Touch input is increasingly popular nowadays. The human finger has considerably large fingertip size and finger input is imprecise. Acquiring small targets on a touch screen is still a challenging task. In this extended abstract, we present the <i>LinearDragger</i>, a new and integrated one-finger target acquisition technique for small and clustered(More)
Mid-air gestures have become an important interaction technique in natural user interfaces, especially in augmented reality and virtual reality. Supporting a set of continuous gesture-based commands in mid-air gesture interaction systems, such as selecting and moving then placing an object, however, remains to be a challenge. This is largely because these(More)
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