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Active learning is a promising way for sentiment classification to reduce the annotation cost. In this paper, we focus on the imbalanced class distribution scenario for sentiment classification, wherein the number of positive samples is quite different from that of negative samples. This scenario posits new challenges to active learning. To address these(More)
To interpret the projected image of a moving object, the visual system must integrate motion signals across different image regions. Traditionally, researchers have examined this process by focusing on the integration of equally ambiguous motion signals. However, when the motions of complex, multi-featured images are measured through spatially limited(More)
The intrinsic failure mechanisms and reliability models of state-of-the-art MOSFETs are reviewed. The simulation tools and failure equivalent circuits are described. The review includes historical background as well as a new approach for accurately predicting circuit reliability and failure rate from the system point of view.
It is now clear, contrary to previous conclusions, that motion may be conveyed by purely chromatic stimuli. The question considered here is how the mechanisms for assessing motion of luminance and chromatic stimuli differ. The dependence on contrast of amplitude thresholds for the perception of oscillatory motion was measured. The targets were Gabor patches(More)
—Based on some new accelerated lifetime models and failure equivalent circuit modeling techniques for the common semiconductor wear out mechanisms, simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis (SPICE) can be used to characterize CMOS VLSI circuit failure behaviors and perform reliability simulation. This paper used a simple SRAM circuit as an example(More)
Brainstem A2/C2 catecholamine (CA) neurons in the solitary tract nucleus (NTS) are thought to play an important role in the control of food intake and other homeostatic functions. We have previously demonstrated that these neurons, which send extensive projections to brain regions involved in the regulation of appetite, are strongly and directly activated(More)
—CMOS very large scale integration (VLSI) circuit reliability modeling and simulation have attracted an intense research interest in the last two decades, and as a result, almost all IC reliability simulation tools now try to incrementally characterize the wearout mechanisms of aged devices in iterative ways. These tools are able to accurately simulate the(More)
Recently, we have invested a great deal of effort to construct molecular building blocks from unusual DNA motifs. DNA is an extremely favorable construction medium. The sticky-ended association of DNA molecules occurs with high specificity, and it results in the formation of B-DNA, whose structure is well known. The use of stable-branched DNA molecules(More)