Xiaojuan Zhang

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The thickness estimation of the top surface layer and surface layer, as well as the detection of road defects, are of great importance to the quality conditions of asphalt pavement. Although ground penetrating radar (GPR) methods have been widely used in non-destructive detection of pavements, the thickness estimation of the thin top surface layer is still(More)
Nucleic acids present a wonderful toolkit of structural motifs for nanoconstruction. Functional DNA nanostructures can enable protein recognition by the use of aptamers attached to a basic core shape formed by DNA self-assembly. Here, we present a facile, programmable strategy for the assembly of discrete aptamer-tagged DNA shapes and nanostructures that(More)
The Scalar Triangulation and Ranging (STAR) method, which is based upon the unique properties of magnetic gradient contraction, is a high real-time ferromagnetic target localization method. Only one measurement point is required in the STAR method and it is not sensitive to changes in sensing platform orientation. However, the localization accuracy of the(More)