Xiaoju Dong

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The chi calculus is studied in the framework incorporating two constructions widely useful in applications: asymmetric communication and mismatch condition. The barbed bisimilarity is used to give a general picture of how the two constructions affect the observational theory. Both the operational properties and the algebraic properties of the enriched(More)
DNA computing is a hot research topic in recent years. Formalization and verification using theories(π-calculus, bioambients, κ-calculus and etc.) in Computer Science attract attention because it can help prove and predict to a certian degree various kinds of biological processes. Combining these two aspects, formal methods can be used to verify algorithms(More)
Data has appeared to be a new kind of commodity with distinctive characteristics, which make it fundamentally different from physical goods as well as traditional digital goods. Therefore, new trading mechanisms for data need to be designed. In this paper, we model the data market as an auction with negative externalities, and design practical mechanisms(More)