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Our team developed a portable three dimension (3D) body measurement system based on binocular stereo vision. By measuring the body using the system, the body scan line point cloud is reconstructed. Because the surface properties, occlusions and accessibility limitations cause scanners to miss some surface areas, leading to incomplete reconstruction and(More)
Scan line point clouds can be generated using the portable body measurement system. Because of high-density points located in the scan line, reduction becomes a necessary task in processing. After analyzed, the width decision method is adopted and the reduction effect relies on the value of T, when T=0.008D, the number of points is reduced to 42%.(More)
This paper gives the definition of reverse engineering and the process of reverse modeling software - imageware. Using imageware, we complete the reconstruction of the human body surface from point cloud. The main works of this paper are shown as: point cloud pre-treatment, point cloud blocking, contour curve creating and surface reconstruction, as well as(More)
Our team developed a portable three dimension (3D) body measurement system based on binocular stereo vision. By measuring the body, the body data of front and rear surface are reconstructed. Because of physical properties of measuring device, environment of measurement, light and the defects of calibration algorithm, the initial body point clouds include(More)
Image edge extraction is an important process in obtaining anthropometric information from human body images captured by ordinary cameras. Depending on the characteristics of the large pixel matrix and the fuzzy edge of the image, the ant colony and fuzzy C-means clustering (ACAFCM) algorithm is used to get a clear and complete edge contour of the human(More)
As we all know, inventory control is important in a clothing company and Agent Technology has become very popular in the last few years as a new approach to developing software systems. This paper study on a newt system for inventory control using planning and distributed agents in apparel industry. Multi Agent Systems (MAS), a term used to describe the(More)
3D body dimensions extracting is the basis that 3D body scanner evolve in clothing applications. In this paper, the body point cloud is acquired by 3D body scanner developed by our team. The initial point cloud is processed for reconstructed body triangular mesh model which is used to extract the body dimensions. The methods of processing the point cloud(More)
A wearable, low-cost, highly repeatable piezoresistive sensor was fabricated by the synthesis of modified-graphite and polyurethane (PU) composites and polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Graphite sheets functionalized by using a silane coupling agent (KH550) were distributed in PU/N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) solution, which were then molded to(More)
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