Xiaojing Zhong

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PURPOSE To investigate the effects of (99)Tc-MDP, a decay product of (99m)Tc-MDP, on the development of choroidal neovascularization (CNV), together with its underlying mechanisms. METHODS C57BL/6J mice were used to induce CNV by laser photocoagulation. (99)Tc-MDP at the doses of 0.5 × 10(-1), 1 × 10(-1), and 2 × 10(-1) μg/kg or the same volume of PBS was(More)
New-onset diabetes might help to yield biomarkers for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer (PaC). In this study, we computationally predicted and experimentally validated osteoprotegerin (OPG) being associated with pancreatic cancer related new-onset diabetes. We first performed a meta-analysis on microarray datasets to search for genes specifically(More)
OBJECTIVE To summarize relevant evidence investigating the associations between refractive error and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). DESIGN Systematic review and meta-analysis. METHODS We searched Medline, Web of Science, and Cochrane databases as well as the reference lists of retrieved articles to identify studies that met the inclusion(More)
PURPOSE To compare the influence of krypton laser with different power densities combined with Nd:YAG laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) on the intraocular pressure, blood-aqueous barrier and inflammatory of anterior chamber as well as the therapeutic effect. METHODS Using a laser flare cell meter and Goldmann tonometer, the level of aqueous protein, the(More)
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