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3-Bromopyruvate (3BP) is an energy-depleting drug that inhibits Hexokinase II activity by alkylation during glycolysis, thereby suppressing the production of ATP and inducing cell death. As such, 3BP can potentially serve as an anti-tumorigenic agent. Our previous research showed that 3BP can induce apoptosis via AKT /protein Kinase B signaling in breast(More)
Background: Since March 2014, the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in West Africa disrupted health care systems-especially in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – with a consequential stress on the area's routine immunization programs. To address perceived decreased vaccination coverage, Sierra Leone conducted a catch-up vaccination campaign during 24–27(More)
The two-step GMM estimators of Arellano and Bond (1991) and Blundell and Bond (1998) for dynamic panel data models have been widely used in empirical work; however, neither of them performs well in small samples with weak instruments. The continuous-updating GMM estimator proposed by Hansen, Heaton, and Yaron (1996) is in principle able to reduce the(More)
A new customizable user interface for smart devices based on hyperlink associability is presented. Although mobile devices should be easy to use, many current devices have complex and widely varying interfaces. The proposed framework, Hyrax, attempts to improve the menu structure and accessibility of functions while considering user preferences. In Hyrax,(More)
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