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BACKGROUND Programmed death ligand-1 (PD-L1) has been identified as a factor associated with poor prognosis in a range of cancers, and was reported to be mainly induced by PTEN loss in gliomas. However, the clinical effect of PD-L1 and its regulation by PTEN has not yet been determined in colorectal cancer (CRC). In the present study, we verified the(More)
Increasing evidence suggests that lineage specific subpopulations and stem-like cells exist in normal and malignant breast tissues. Epigenetic mechanisms maintaining this hierarchical homeostasis remain to be investigated. In this study, we found the level of microRNA221 (miR-221) was higher in stem-like and myoepithelial cells than in luminal cells(More)
A hydroponic experiment was conducted to determine the possible effect of exogenous glutathione (GSH) in alleviating chromium (Cr) stress through examining plant growth, chlorophyll contents, antioxidant enzyme activity, and lipid peroxidation in rice seedlings exposed to Cr toxicity. The results showed that plant growth and chlorophyll content were(More)
Rice plants employ two strategies to cope with Cr toxicity: immobilizing Cr ions into cell walls to reduce its translocation and activating antioxidant defense to mitigate Cr-induced oxidative stress. The investigation aimed at understanding the physiological and proteomic responses of rice seedlings to hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) stress was conducted using(More)
Hairy enhancer of split-1 (HES1) is a transcriptional target of the Notch pathway, and a high level of HES1 is regarded as a marker of activated Notch. The aim of the study was to investigate the role of HES1 in colorectal cancer progression. We used tissue microarrays to analyze the expression and clinical significance of HES1 in 320 colorectal cancer(More)
Energy arbitrage has the potential to make electric grids more efficient and reliable. Batteries hold great promise for energy storage in arbitrage but can degrade rapidly with use. In this paper, we analyze the impact of storage degradation on the structure of optimal policies in energy arbitrage. We derive properties of the battery degradation response(More)
EZH2 is over-expressed in human colon cancer and is closely associated with tumor proliferation, metastasis and poor prognosis. Targeting and inhibiting EZH2 may be an effective therapeutic strategy for colon cancer. 3-Deazaneplanocin A (DZNep), as an EZH2 inhibitor, can suppress cancer cell growth. However, the anti-cancer role of DZNep in colon cancer(More)
Gene transcribing with alternative polyadenylation (APA) sites leads to mRNA isoforms, which may encode different proteins or harbor different 3'UTRs. APA plays an important role in regulating gene expression network among various physiological processes, such as development, immune responses and cancer. Several methods of library construction for APA study(More)
We study scalable algorithms to optimize diffusion processes under the Independent Cascade model. We consider a broad class of intervention actions, including selecting sources, raising the probability that the diffusion propagates from one node to another and changing the topology of networks to facilitate the diffusion. Optimizing the selection of such(More)