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Let s = (s1, . . . , sm) and t = (t1, . . . , tn) be vectors of non-negative integervalued functions with equal sum S = ∑m i=1 si = ∑n j=1 tj . Let N(s, t) be the number of m × n matrices with entries from {0, 1} such that the ith row has row sum si and the jth column has column sum tj. Equivalently, N(s, t) is the number of labelled bipartite graphs with(More)
A tournament is a digraph in which, for each pair of distinct vertices v and w, either (v,w) or (w, v) is an edge, but not both. A tournament is regular if the in-degree is equal to the out-degree at each vertex. Let v1, v2, . . . , vn be the vertices of a labelled tournament and let d−j , d + j be the in-degree and out-degree of vj for 1 ≤ j ≤ n. d+j is(More)
Tibetan high-altitude adaptation (HAA) has been studied extensively, and many candidate genes have been reported. Subsequent efforts targeting HAA functional variants, however, have not been that successful (e.g., no functional variant has been suggested for the top candidate HAA gene, EPAS1). With WinXPCNVer, a method developed in this study, we detected(More)
Medulloblastoma (MB) is the most devastating and common pediatric brain tumor. Tumor cells invading into surrounding tissue and disseminating through cerebrospinal fluid make treatment extremely difficult. Identifying the mechanisms of MB cells is therefore imperative for the development of novel treatments. A research group demonstrated recently that the(More)
The complete mitochondrial genome of Dastarcus helophoroides (Coleoptera: Bothrideridae) which consists of 13 PCGs, 22 tRNA genes, two rRNA genes and a non-coding region (D-loop), is sequenced for its nucleotide sequence of 15,878 bp (GenBank: KF811054.1). The genome has a typical gene order which is identical to other Coleoptera species. Except for COI(More)
The origin of Tibetans remains one of the most contentious puzzles in history, anthropology, and genetics. Analyses of deeply sequenced (30×-60×) genomes of 38 Tibetan highlanders and 39 Han Chinese lowlanders, together with available data on archaic and modern humans, allow us to comprehensively characterize the ancestral makeup of Tibetans and uncover(More)
In the present paper, we report an efficient total synthesis of a marine alkaloid, rigidin E. The key tetrasubstituted 2-amino-3-carboxamidepyrrole intermediate was synthesized by cascade Michael addition/intramolecular cyclization between N-(2-(4-(benzyloxy)phenyl)-2-oxoethyl)methanesulfonamide and 3-(4-(benzyloxy)phenyl)-2-cyano-N-methylacrylamide.(More)
2. Main result. By an eulerian digraph we mean a digraph in which the in-degree is equal to the out-degree at each vertex. Let ED ME ( n, t) be the number of labelled loop-free eulerian digraphs with n vertices in which the multiplicity of each edge is at most t. Allowing loops would multiply ED ME (n, t) by exactly (t + 1) n, since loops do not affect the(More)
Nostosins A and B were isolated from a hydrophilic extract of Nostoc sp. strain from Iran, which exhibits excellent tryps inhibitory activity. Nostosin A was the most potent natural tripeptide aldehyde as trypsin inhibitor up to now. Both R- and S-2-hydroxy-4-(4-hydroxy-phenyl) butanoic acid (Hhpba) were prepared and incorporated into the total synthesis of(More)
The genetic relationships reported by recent studies between Sherpas and Tibetans are controversial. To gain insights into the population history and the genetic basis of high-altitude adaptation of the two groups, we analyzed genome-wide data in 111 Sherpas (Tibet and Nepal) and 177 Tibetans (Tibet and Qinghai), together with available data from(More)