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We consider the dynamics when traveling pulses encounter heterogeneities in a three-component reaction diffusion system of one-activator-two-inhibitor type, which typically arises as a qualitative model of a gas-discharge system. We focused on the case where one of the kinetic coefficients changes similar to a smoothed step function, which is basic for more(More)
An image registration approach using evolution strategies is presented. The objectives of registration are to find an accurate transformation and minimize the computational expense. However, it is difficult to optimize both concurrently. Moreover, most conventional image registration approaches are unsuccessful in registering images requiring large(More)
Keywords: Wind power Unit Commitment Scenario analysis Quantum-inspired binary gravitational search algorithm Heuristic strategy a b s t r a c t With increasing wind farm integrations, unit commitment (UC) is more difficult to solve because of the intermittent and fluctuation nature of wind power. In this paper, scenario generation and reduction technique(More)
The major maturity gene E1 has the most prominent effect on flowering time and photoperiod sensitivity of soybean, but the pathway mediated by E1 is largely unknown. Here, we found the expression of GmFT4, a homolog of Flowering Locus T, was strongly up-regulated in transgenic soybean overexpressing E1, whereas expression of flowering activators, GmFT2a and(More)
The breakup of the supercontinent Gondwanaland into Africa, Antarctica, Australia and India about 140 million years ago, and consequently the opening of the Indian Ocean, is thought to have been caused by heating of the lithosphere from below by a large plume whose relicts are now the Marion, Kerguelen and Réunion plumes. Plate reconstructions based on(More)