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A multiobjective optimization problem which focuses on parallel machines scheduling is considered. This problem consists of scheduling n independent jobs on m identical parallel machines with release dates, due dates, and sequence-dependent setup times. The preemption of jobs is forbidden. The aim is to minimize two different objectives: makespan and total(More)
This paper deals with a multiobjective hybrid flowshop scheduling problem with sequence dependent setup times. Two different objectives are considered to be optimized at once. Our first contribution is to propose a special encoding for the studied problem. Then, our second contribution is that a new metaheuristic based on the Lorenz dominance relationship(More)
In this paper, we have studied a multiobjective hybrid flowshop scheduling problem where n independent jobs should be executed in a hybrid assembly line. The aim of our work is to optimize the makespan and the total tardiness of the whole production. A simulation based optimization algorithm is proposed here to solve this problem. It is a combination of the(More)
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