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CD47 is overexpressed in many human cancers, its level positively correlates with tumor invasion and metastasis. However, it is largely unknown whether CD47 overexpression drives metastasis and how CD47 lead to tumor metastasis in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). In this study, we analyzed NSCLC specimens and cell lines, and revealed that CD47 is(More)
As the transaction has the features of atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, the process of the TransactionEvent in the Internet of Things is complex. All operations of a TransactionEvent are either all completed or completed none, and the transaction data is hard to deal with. To solve this problem, the article specifies the start time and end(More)
A novel structure of the resonant pressure sensor is presented in this paper, which tactfully employs intercoupling between dual pressure-sensing diaphragms and a laterally driven resonant strain gauge. After the resonant pressure sensor principle is introduced, the coupling mechanism of the diaphragms and resonator is analyzed and the frequency equation of(More)
Recently there has been a more focus on the development of an efficient technique for detection of circulating tumor cells (CTCs), due to their significance in prognosis and therapy of metastatic cancer. However, it remains a challenge because of the low count of CTCs in the blood. Herein, a rapid and high-sensitivity approach for CTCs detection using an(More)
In order to achieve and maintain a high quality factor (high-Q) for the micro resonant pressure sensor, this paper presents a new wafer level package by adopting cross-layer anodic bonding technique of the glass/silicon/silica (GSS) stackable structure and integrated Ti getter. A double-layer structure similar to a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafer is formed(More)
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