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Combination of scaffold and adenovirus vectors expressing bone morphogenetic protein-7 for alveolar bone regeneration at dental implant defects.
The current rapid progression in tissue engineering and local gene delivery systems has enhanced applications of osseointegration in dental implants. In this study, porous chitosan/collagen scaffoldsExpand
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Cucumber mosaic virus as drug delivery vehicle for doxorubicin.
Taking advantage of the unique structure feature of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV), we have anchored folic acid (FA) as targeting moiety on the rigid CMV capsid and loaded significant amount ofExpand
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Aggregation-Induced Emission Probe for Light-Up and in Situ Detection of Calcium Ions at High Concentration.
The fluorescent probe for the detection of calcium ions is an indispensable tool in the biomedical field. The millimolar order of Ca(II) ions is associated with many physiological processes andExpand
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Nitric oxide-induced stromal depletion for improved nanoparticle penetration in pancreatic cancer treatment.
Abundant desmoplastic stroma, which typically exists in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), can act as a natural protective physical barrier rendering insufficient drug delivery and penetration.Expand
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Detection of micro gap weld joint by using magneto-optical imaging and Kalman filtering compensated with RBF neural network
Abstract An approach for seam tracking of micro gap weld whose width is less than 0.1 mm based on magneto optical (MO) imaging technique during butt-joint laser welding of steel plates isExpand
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A production scheduling problem considering random failure and imperfect preventive maintenance
Many manufacturing companies are suffering from increasing machine wear with usage and age as degradation process. For a company to be successful, machines need to work continuously and make moreExpand
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Glycopolymers Made from Polyrotaxanes Terminated with Bile Acids: Preparation, Self-Assembly, and Targeting Delivery.
The use of natural compounds to construct biomaterials, including delivery system, is an attractive strategy. In the present study, through threading functional α-cyclodextrins onto the conjugatedExpand
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Two-dimensional shadow fading modeling on system level
In this paper, we propose a novel complete two-dimensional shadow fading modeling on system level characterized by both spatial auto-correlation and site-to-site cross-correlation. Numerical resultsExpand
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Cyclic plasticity behaviors of steam turbine rotor subjected to cyclic thermal and mechanical loads
In this paper, shakedown and ratchet analyses are performed to investigate the cyclic plasticity behaviors of the steam turbine rotor subjected to cyclic thermal and mechanical loads by employingExpand
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Iteration Time Prediction for CNN in Multi-GPU Platform: Modeling and Analysis
We introduce a framework to analyze the training time for convolutional neural networks (CNNs) on multi-GPU platforms and obtain accurate prediction results without long-term training or complex data collection. Expand
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