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More recently, with the increasing demand of web services on the World Wide Web used in the Internet of Things (IoTs), there has been a growing interest in the study of efficient web service quality evaluation approaches through the use of prediction strategies to obtain accurate quality-of-service (QoS) values. The unpredictable network environment imposes(More)
Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a typical application of Ad hoc network in autonomous system (AS). It has attracted considerable attention in the past. Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in the study of localization algorithm for WSN. Self-localization of nodes is one of the key technologies for application of WSN. The localization accuracy is(More)
Recently, there has been an ever-increasing interest in the study of data-driven analytics to predict hidden dangers in the cloud service-based coal mine production, with the purpose of the prevention of possible accidents. In this paper, to achieve the above prediction, a machine learning algorithm based on the single-hidden layer feed forward network(More)
Theoretical aspects of the decorrelation property of the discrete wavelet transform when applied to stochastic processes have been studied exclusively from the increasing-domain perspective, in which the distance between neighboring observations stays roughly constant as the number of observations increases. To understand the underlying data-generating(More)
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