Xiaohua Zhuang

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This study investigated how acute alcohol intake affects contrast processing mediated by inferred magnocellular (MC) and parvocellular (PC) pathways. Achromatic contrast discrimination thresholds were measured in 16 young healthy participants using a steady-pedestal, pulsed-pedestal or pedestal-Δ-pedestal paradigm designed to favor the inferred MC or the PC(More)
Performance in visual search tasks where the target differs from distractors by a conjunction of features can improve when a precue signals observers to limit their search by attending to a subset of elements. The current experiments were designed to study the temporal characteristics of precueing the location or feature (color or orientation) of targets in(More)
PURPOSE Anatomical and physiological studies show that in primates, visual information is conveyed through two parallel pathways, including the magnocellular (MC-) and parvocellular (PC-) pathways. However, the functional separation between the two pathways remains controversial and challenging. To resolve this, we show a psychophysical approach to(More)
Color filling-in is the phenomenon in which the color of a visual area is perceived as the color that is only presented in an adjacent area. In a stimulus with multiple edges, color filling-in can occur along any edge and in both centripetal and centrifugal directions when maintaining steady fixation. The current study aimed to investigate the role of(More)
Binocular rivalry refers to perceptual alternation when two eyes view different images. One of the potential percepts during binocular rivalry is a spatial mosaic of left- and right-eye images, known as piecemeal percepts, which may result from localized rivalries between small regions in the left- and right-eye images. It is known that alcohol increases(More)
Flicker adaptation reduces subsequent temporal contrast sensitivity. Recent studies show that this adaptation likely results from neural changes in the magnocellular visual pathway, but whether this adaptation occurs at a monocular or a binocular level, or both, is unclear. Here, two experiments address this question. The first experiment exploits the(More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol-related driving accidents and fatalities occur most frequently at nighttime and at dawn, that is, a mesopic lighting condition in which visual processing depends on both rod and cone photoreceptors. The temporal functions of the rod and cone pathways are critical for driving in this lighting condition. However, how alcohol influences the(More)
The artist Patrick Hughes has ingeniously painted rows of stacked Brillo boxes in Forced into Reverse Perspective. The geometry is in reverse perspective, predicting only one type of illusory motion for each planar surface for moving viewers. He "broke" these surfaces into objects by painting the boxes in three types of perspective (planar, forced, and(More)
Catheter malfunction caused by migration of the catheter tip is an ongoing challenge in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. Reimplantation of a new catheter by open operation exposes the patient to additional hazards and costs. Non-operative treatment such as manual reduction, appropriate exercises and purgative enema tend to have a poor(More)