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— This paper investigates the use of nonregular (not necessarily regular) static/dynamic state feedbacks to achieve feedback linearization of affine nonlinear systems. First, we provide an example which is nonregular static feedback linearizable but is not regular dynamic feedback linearizable. Then, we present some necessary conditions as well as(More)
Ordinary differential equations (ODE) are a powerful tool for modeling dynamic processes with wide applications in a variety of scientific fields. Over the last 2 decades, ODEs have also emerged as a prevailing tool in various biomedical research fields, especially in infectious disease modeling. In practice, it is important and necessary to determine(More)
This paper shows an application of control theory to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/AIDS models. Minimum singular value decomposition is applied to HIV/AIDS models to measure the extent to which the different stages in the progression of HIV/AIDS disease are controllable and, consequently, when best to initiate therapy such that the general objectives(More)
—This paper describes how HIV/AIDS education is being introduced into the curriculum of the Third-and fourth-year students were provided with an HIV/AIDS Educational CD developed at the university. Their knowledge of the subject was tested via two quizzes—one written before they were exposed to the material on the CD and one after. In addition, a(More)