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The new time series data mining framework proposed in this paper applies Reconstructed Phase Space (RPS) to identify temporal patterns that are characteristic and predictive of significant events in a complex time series. The new framework utilizes the fuzzy set and the Gaussian-shaped membership function to define temporal patterns in the time-delay(More)
Satellite telemetry of meteorological satellite plays an important role for satellite safety management. In existing system, threshold value is used to monitor the abnormity because of large volumes of data which is collected every three seconds. However, the abnormal data in the threshold range cannot be detected timely. Based on this, in the paper we(More)
In Parallel computing environments, each user can submit his job that is represented as a workflow composed of tasks that require multiple types of computational resources. How to develop a mechanism that ensures the success of these workflows is a challenging issue because the resources they use are dynamic and heterogeneous. In order to schedule these(More)
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