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Studies on hypoxia-sensitive pathways have revealed a series of Fe(II)-dependent dioxygenases that regulate hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) by prolyl and asparaginyl hydroxylation. The recognition of these unprecedented signaling processes has led to a search for other substrates of the HIF hydroxylases. Here we show that the human HIF asparaginyl(More)
Mixed lineage kinase 7 (MLK7) is a mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase (MAPKKK) that activates the pro-apoptotic signaling pathways p38 and JNK. A library of potential kinase inhibitors was screened, and a series of dihydropyrrolopyrazole quinolines was identified as highly potent inhibitors of MLK7 in vitro catalytic activity. Of this series, an(More)
PURPOSE Treatment of malignant glioma involves concomitant temozolomide and ionizing radiation (IR). Nevertheless, overall patient survival remains poor. This study was designed to evaluate if addition of Ad.Egr-tumor necrosis factor (TNF), a replication defective adenovector encoding a cDNA for TNF-alpha, to temozolomide and IR can improve overall(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, several important polymorphisms have been identified in T-cell activation and effector pathway genes and have been reported to be associated with inter-patient variability in alloimmune responses. The present study was designed to assess the impact of these genetic variations on the outcomes of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell(More)
The presence of HPV-DNA was determined in tumor biopsies of cervical-cancer patients and in cervical swabs of non-cancer patients from Tanzania, East Africa, by Southern blot hybridization and/or PCR. HPV types 16 and 18 were detected in 38% and 32%, respectively, of 50 cervical-carcinoma biopsies. A consensus primer PCR capable of detecting a broad(More)
Evidence is mounting suggesting that DNA damage is implicated in the development and progression of atherosclerosis. To yield more information, we focused on six well-characterized polymorphisms from four DNA repair-relevant candidate genes, viz. XRCC1 (rs1799782 and rs25487), XRCC3 (rs861539), MTHFR (rs1801133 and rs4846049), and NQO1 (rs1800566), to(More)
Sporotrichosis is the most common deep mycosis in Northeast China which is an area of high epidemicity due to contact with reeds or cornstalks. In this study, we have characterized a total of 74 clinical isolates from fixed cutaneous, lymphocutaneous and disseminated clinical forms and from Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning provinces, respectively. All(More)
NF-κB proteins play a central and subunit-specific role in the response to DNA damage. Previous work identified p50/NF-κB1 as being necessary for cytotoxicity in response to DNA alkylation damage. Given the importance of damage-induced cell death for the maintenance of genomic stability, we examined whether Nfkb1 acts as a tumor suppressor in the setting of(More)
BACKGROUND The red blood cell distribution width (RDW) has been reported to be a risk marker of morbidity and mortality for cardiovascular diseases in various study populations. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is also a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. However, the relationship between RDW and NAFLD is less certain. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of OSA treatment with CPAP on percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) outcomes remains largely unknown. METHODS Between 2002 and 2012, we identified 390 patients with OSA who had undergone PCI. OSA was diagnosed through in-laboratory sleep studies and defined by an apnea-hypopnea index ≥ 5 events/h. The cohort was divided into three(More)