Xiaohong Xin

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Land use and transportation interaction is a complex, dynamic process. Many models have been used to study this interaction process during the past several decades. Empirical studies suggest that land use and transportation interaction patterns can be highly variable between geographic areas and at different spatial and temporal scales. This paper presents(More)
While GIS (Geographic Information Systems) are equipped with exploratory analysis for spatial patterns, there are few tools available for the analysis of spatio-temporal data in terms of their spatial patterns and temporal patterns. Temporal GIS is proposed addressing the need by providing a promising method to explicitly reveal characteristics at a(More)
Methods for dealing with tied event times in the Cox proportional hazards model are well developed. Also, the partial likelihood provides a natural way to handle covariates that change over time. However, ties between event times and the times that discrete time-varying covariates change have not been systematically studied in the literature. In this(More)
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