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Taking articles written by mainland China scholars from management related 258 journals indexed by Web of Science database as the data sets, this paper analyses the output of scientific research of Chinese scholars. It studies the structure, characteristics and development trend of collaboration network of Chinese scholars in management research area(More)
Strong field photoelectron holography has been proposed as a means for interrogating the spatial and temporal information of electrons and ions in a dynamic system. After ionization, part of the electron wave packet may directly go to the detector (the reference wave), while another part may be driven back and scatters off the ion(the signal wave). The(More)
We examined whether the degree to which a feature is uniquely characteristic of a category can affect categorization above and beyond the typicality of the feature. We developed a multiple feature value category structure with different dimensions within which feature uniqueness and typicality could be manipulated independently. Using eye tracking, we found(More)
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